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3 Courses to offer knowledge of 3 different Elements of Trading. 

                                                               Advance Price Action Trading
                                                               Advance Options TradinG        
                                                               Option Chain AnalysiS             

Courses that will help you to acquire complete knowledge right from chart reading, and trend analysis to complex concepts of options & their strategies. Through recorded content get this knowledge as per your time & speed.

Course Language: Hindi, Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Fee - ₹27000/- ₹3300/- ₹1599/-

Limited Period Offer | Only for Option chain course members

What you will learn in these Courses

Advanced Price Action Trading

  • All Basics of Options
  • Options Pricing & Time Decay
  • Options Buying - Right Approach
  • Advance Concepts of Options Trading
  • Option Pricing Fundamentals
  • Options Greeks 
  • Concept of Open Interest 
  • Defining Target for Returns
  • Plain Options Selling Strategy
  • 23 Option Hedge Strategies
  • Customization of Strategies
  • Guidelines to Select the right strategy
  • Analysing Payoff Charts
  • Strike Price selection for each strategy
  • Use of Sensibull for strategy creation & analysis

Advanced Options Trading

  • What is Price Action Trading 
  • Market Structure 
  • Stages of Market
  • How to Define Trend
  • Types of Moves in Market
  • Strength of Trend
  • Candlesticks
  • Support Resistance
  • Risk Reward, Winning Ratio, Position Sizing
  • Types of Trading
  • Powerful Chart Patterns
  • Breakout Trading Concept & Setup
  • Supply Demand Concept
  • Reversal Trading Concept  & Setup
  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis
  • Stock Selection & Watch List Preparation
  • Volume Logic
  • Identifying Fake Breakout
  • Secret Concepts

Options Chain Analysis for Nifty BankNifty

  • Introduction of Option Chain
  • Concept of Open Interest
  • Concept of Time & Intrinsic Value
  • Technique to read Option Chain Data
  • Understand smart money positions.
  • Strategy to correlate Option chain data with Intraday Trend
  • To predict trends is Bullish, Bearish or Sideways
  • How to Predict the Strength of the trend
  • To trade in the direction of Trend
  • Free Excel Dashboard for Live option chain data presented in graphical format.

Course Fee - ₹27000/- ₹3300/- ₹1599/-

Limited Period Offer | Only for Option chain course members

Learn the Complete process of Trading right from chart reading to complex option strategies


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