Hedged Options Algo Strategy

Fixed Fee : ₹ 6000/- for 6 months + 15% Profit Sharing

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Stock Insight provides Algorithmic Trading Strategies on a subscription basis. By subscribing to Stock Insight's Algo Strategy, you can use them in your own trading account. 

To execute these Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Stock Insight uses the Tradetron platform. Tradetron is a cloud-based platform that allows users to execute trading strategies in their trading accounts. So all you need to do is subscribe to the strategy and start using it in your own trading account.

About Nifty Ladder Algo Strategy

The nifty ladder is a multi-leg hedged options strategy. This is direction neutral strategy that generates profit in most of the market phases. Option Greeks are used for adjustments in the strategy.

The only risk associated with the strategy is a big gap up or down openings and when very strong movement happens. However, the last 30 months backtest report shows that despite these conditions this strategy has generated more than 6% average monthly profit.

Strategy Backtest Data

This strategy is fully backtested on Tradetron for the last 30 months and below are the results. 

  • Capital Required = ₹4,00,000/- [Including margin required drawdown]
  • Average Monthly Profit = ₹27,806/-
  • Average Monthly ROI = 6.95% [Excluding Charges]
  • Max Drawdown = -49,195/- [-5.92%]

Other Important Points

  • Suggested Brokers: As this is a multileg strategy it is suggested to use brokers providing zero brokerage like Finvasia, Kotak Securities, etc. mainly if you are using a 1x multiplier otherwise brokerage can eat the maximum profit generated. 
  • If you are using 2x & a higher multiplier then other discount brokers can be used like Zerodha, Upstox, Angel, etc
  • After deducting Stock Insight charges and mandatory exchange charges (excluding brokerage) expected average monthly net profit is ₹19,000/- ++ i.e. Approx 5% [for 1x multiplier] 
  • The margin required can be reduced by buying far OTM call puts and ROI will increase, the same is explained in the videos. Users need to do it manually as few brokers do not allow buying far OTM options which is why we can't include them in the strategy by default otherwise strategy will go into error execution.

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Fixed Fee : ₹ 6000/- for 6 months + 15% Profit Sharing

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Disclaimer: Even if backtested results are attractive Stock Insight or any of our representatives do not guarantee future returns. Users need to understand the risk associated with stock market trading before using Algo. Stock Insight will not be responsible for any incurred losses due to the use of Algo.